Abstract X Subject: Magic Mountain High (Live)

  • Magic Mountain High is a collaboration between David Moufang aka Move D and Dutch duo Juju & Jordash. They first met on a crazy Porchetta infused race from Rome to Foligno. They decided that if they survived the curvy mountainous roads of Umbria they would form a band. The three planned a studio session at David's home studio in Heidelberg which escalated into a 4 day studio Jam. From there Magic Mountain High was born. The main focus of their project is on live performance and improvised creation. This has manifested itself in a string of live shows, an album and some notable 12" releases. In an age where technology can cast serious doubts over how much of a live show is genuinely live. The Magic Mountain High mission statement is a fearless refusal to prepare anything before they hit the stage. No show is pre mediated and each one is unique in itself. An analogue fused Jazz approach to performing improvised house and techno music might be underselling what this show actually represents. You will have to see it for yourself.