Institute Of Sound

  • Electronic arts collective Clan Analogue presents Institute of Sound, a series of monthly electronic music production workshops, on Monday the 24th of November, 7pm, at Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale St in the city. A guest presenter examines an aspect of electronic music performance or production, with demonstrations and a Q&A session followed by live performances and opportunities for audience members to take part in hands-on jamming. The mastering of audio is perceived by many as a fairly obscure process, often misunderstood by beginners and occasionally abused by today’s powerful processing tools. In November Institute of Sound examines Audio Mastering, presented by Martin K of Koshowko, shedding some light on the concepts and tools of music mastering. Martin K uses his experience as a music producer and audio engineer to explore the theory of mastering and how we can increase our perception of differences between mastered and unmastered audio material. There will be a discussion on what can be expected from a mastering engineer and the crucial role that monitoring systems and control rooms play in the final result. 'Loudness wars' and audio examples of how mastering has evolved will also be examined. The workshop concludes with members of the audience being invited to play around with software mastering tools. Audio files will be provided and audience members are invited to bring CDs with their own unmastered files, to be selected through a ballot for processing using various mastering tools. A DJ set by Martin K of Koshowko will follow the workshop, showcasing a selection of his favourite mastered songs, recent Koshowko tracks and his acclaimed remixes for artists such as B(if)tek, Winduptoys, Disco Stu and Tiatto. Entry to the workshop is free. The Institute of Sound will break over Summer and recommence in February 2009.
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