Immigrant Records Friday Night Afterparty

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    Immigrant Records Djs plus guests
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  • Like all successful and worthwhile label projects, allotting the sound of Immigrant into one nice and easily digestible genre is just not possible. At best you may be able to get away with House influenced Techno and Techno influenced House, but still their sound is more personal - undoubtedly unique. The styles presented range from tough, percussive Techno, through to lo-fi Dub-House, via Deep Techno-House and back-again, all relating to the dancefloor without compromising musical content, and all retaining the same vision; travel... its life changing experiences and the knowledge it gives. - 11th Hour Technology Record Label [email protected] Friday night/Saturday, November 29, 2008 Time: 2:00am - 7:00am Location: Platinum club 25 Paul St, corner Epworth St, Shoreditch EC2A 4JU London Email: [email protected] tel: 0871 971 4639(venue) Friday night/saturday morning 2am-7am Deep Tech House A very special afterparty for top tech house label Immigrant Records (Manchester), to follow their TBar gig in Shoreditch on Friday night. This is a one off event, and will be covered by Press, and attended by industry, promoters and Djs The plush backstreet venue has been a favorite since the summer. 2 rooms, projections, friendly crowd Ample parking, cheap drinks and comfy. 5 minutes walk from Old Street..... £8/£10
  • Immigrant Records Friday Night Afterparty - Flyer front
    Immigrant Records Friday Night Afterparty - Flyer back