Party Fone & Fluent present: Johnny Fiasco & Kink

  • Johnny Fiasco [Housetown, Viva, Om, Chicago] Bio: A Chicago born native, John Lopez, known to his peers as Johnny Fiasco, grew up in the predominantly Hispanic "Pilsen" neighbourhood where he was influenced by music at an early age. The foundation of Johnny's music career initiated in his high school years as he played guitar in a variety of bands ranging from Rock 'n' Roll to Funk. After parting from his rock band routes due to musical frustration and personal conflicts, Johnny decided to pursue a solo career as a musician. He soon discovered that through utilizing the emergence of personal computer studio confinement and the limitations that were brought forth by dealing with typical band conflicts. At this time Johnny also began establishing his career as a DJ with a collaboration of friends who were throwing some of the first underground "house" parties in Chicago. The introductory stages of his DJ career consisted of him and his friend playing their own re-edits of songs from the radio, produced with old dual tape decks at home. Further down the road Johnny started a substantial record collection and obtained his first pair of Technics SL 1200 turntables. After the underground parties came to a halt in '88, Johnny landed his first club residency at Smart Bar, where one year later colleague Mark Farina joined him. In 1990 he moved on to a club residency at the Shelter in Chicago where he refined his "house" mixing sills and released his first record "The Zig-Zag remixes" on the pioneer Chicago house label Trax Records. This led to him focusing more of his time and experience in the studio as a producer. Soon he began recording for Moonshine Records and Radikal Fear. This spawned such billboard hits as "So in Love" featuring vocalist Elli Mac, "My Love" (Kellee) and "Never Never" (Kellee). In 1995 Johnny Fiasco began recording for the world renowned Chicago based label Cajual Records where he would release such hits as "Conduction" and the "Moody Grooves" EP's. Beyond Trax, Moonshine and Radikal Fear, Johnny has released projects on such labels as Primal Source, House N Effect, MN2S Recordings, Large, Penetrate, Guidance, Distant, UC Afterhours, 83 West, Pamplemousse, and Viva Recordings. This accredited list of projects doesnandt even begin to touch on the many remix projects that Johnny has graced with his "production magic". He has had the honour of remixing the likes of such talent as Gloria Estefan, KD Lang, Mechelle, Tina Arena and Donna Blakely to name just a few. Johnny Fiasco has continued to spawn an innovative style of music encompassing the complimentary aspects of digital music production and acoustic instrumentation. His distinct style derives from a unique ability to combine contrasting sound elements, and make them sound as if they were simply meant to go together. Through a combination of his unique production style and electric mixing technique, Johnny Fiasco has proven the ability to bridge the gap between the music and the crowd, bringing listeners closer together through a common understanding of the true message behind the music. His outstanding musical accomplishments have attracted worldwide attention to this humble artist. Johnny Fiasco's ongoing musical endeavours continue to play a major role in defining the past, present and future of House Music. KiNK [Kolour, Boe, Bulgaria] Bio: Strahil Velchev a.k.a KiNK is not Josh Wink`s brother, he isn`t Aphex Twin`s room mate and definetly not Lary Heard`s son. He is simply an innovative, uncompromising producer and captivating dj / live performer from Bulgaria, who incorporates the best examples of the underground dance music in his production. At the age of 12 - jumping up & down to acid, techno and early rave tracks; at 20 - his touch with the fist modular software synthesizer and couple of years later - his first vinyl release. These are a few things that shape Strahil as an accomplished electronic artist with his own signature sound. "Take the soul and the groove of house and techno, the futurism and detail of experimental electronica and the raw energy of acid" - this is how Strahil defines his style. KiNK is no stranger to the underground house scene since his first appearance on vinyl in 2005 on the UK based label Odori: His acid-house track “Same Old Thing” was noticed by DJs like David Duriez and Laurent Garnier, the track was re-released on the French imprint RZ later in 2006. KiNK`s remix of Eviljack from the same vinyl appeared at the Essential mix of Francois K. and numerous dj sets. His tracks and remixes could be found on 10 vinyl releases so far and few digital ones, he produced music for labels such as Odori, Rush Hour, RZ, Rebelone, Endless Flight, Boe, Spatula City, and more. KiNK worked with different artists like the producer / label boss from Berlin – Stefan Goldmann (under the name “Vinyl”) and the UK based producer Neville Watson. KiNK`s record with Neville did an impact on the underground dance music scene in the middle of 2008, the collaboration track “Inside Out” appeared at Josh Wink`s top 10 chart under #2, it was heard at Glastonbury, played by Hercules & Love Affair and it landed at Steve Bug`s prestigious “Bugnology vol. 3” mix compilation, released on Pokerflat later in 2008. Steve Bug says at Beatport interview the b-side of “Inside Out” – KiNK`s “traffic” tune is his ultimate bassline weapon and “it rocks every place from a small club to a big festival floor”. KiNK`s most recent release – “Get Nervous” vinyl, on Boe recordings (UK) had a great reactions from many djs, such as Jimpster, Jeff Samuel, Hipp-e, Luke Solomon and it entered the TOP TUNE section in IDJ magazine with 5 / 5 points. Other artists, supporting further KiNK tracks are: DJ Sneak, DJ Rolando, Osunlade, James Ruskin, Ken Ishii, Llorca, Funk D'Void, Terrence Dixon, Samuel L Session, Paul Woolford, Chris Duckenfield, Crookers and more. Unlike other recording artists – KiNK behind the decks is not spinning mainly his own tracks or current label`s sound, he is a skilful and versatile dj, who played house and techno alongside Laurent Garnier and Andy Cato / Groove Armada as well as underground hip-hop, funk and downtempo alongside Olie Teeba / Herbaliser and Scratching Perverts. KiNK does live p.a. in very rare occasions but he managed to impress the audience and the headliner (Audion) at his first notable live p.a. session at the techno stage of Wilsonic festival 2007 (Slovakia) KiNK`s studio time now is separated between production for Bulgarian pop artists and tracks for the fans of underground dance music worldwide. He is looking forward to the release dates of his 2 x 12`` debut album on Kolour recordings with remixes from Abacus, Men At The Top, his next collaboration record with Neville Watson on Rush Hour, an e.p. on Spatula City and his most popular track (never released so far) – “The Big Payback”, also known as “Gipsy” signed on Minority Music
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