Ibiza Underground

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    James Talk, Audiosync, Aaron Le Doubles, D. DaCosta, Sam.E.D & JC, Bimbo Jones, Sy Sez, Andy Burby, Frisky DJs, Page Twins, Jon O, Ross Harrison, Gavin Stockman, B2B Charlie Groom, House Doctors, Ryan Ellis, Micky C, Shane Aston, Itchy Fingers, DJ Rossi, Laura Brown, Brian Jones.
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  • Cutting Edge Music, a crazy crowd and an atmosphere like nowhere else in London. The question is… WHO’S AFRAID OF IBIZA UNDERGROUND?? Wow – What a 1st birthday party! We would like to say a big thank you to everyone that came down. We start the next 12 months with our first event in a 3 part series that includes 3 parties in November, December & NYE. For each event we have some true superstars coming down to play, DJs and producers that you must see to believe. WE LOVE IU! --LINE-UP-- -Main Room – The Terrace – Dark Sounds- James Talk (Pioneer Pro DJ Superstar) Audiosync (Producer of last video tune) Aaron Le Doubles D. DaCosta Sam.E.D & JC Performances by DNA Dancers -The Box – Vocal Sounds- Bimbo Jones (Remix Superstar/Producer of New PINK tune) Sy Sez Andy Burby Frisky DJs Page Twins Jon O Ross Harrison Gavin Stockman B2B Charlie Groom Arise on Sax & Luis Latino on Percussion -Babalou – IU Presents… Emergency Room vs Platinum Funk -Emergency Room- House Doctors Ryan Ellis Micky C Shane Aston VS -Platinum Funk- Itchy Fingers DJ Rossi Laura Brown Brian Jones Dress normal, dress mad, dress however you want – just get ready for another instalment of London’s biggest and best party. For tickets or more details: Web: www.ibizaunderground.co.uk Tel: 020 8693 1600 (9.30am-5.30pm) Ticket Agents South East London & Kent Lisa – 077250 30020 Joanne - 07950 272 389 Claire – 07852 930 740 Charlie – 07794 049 215 Lucy - 07534 273 854 Essex/North & East London Lewi – 07010 710 724 Central London Charlie – 07794 049 215 Tickets Prices: As always the best deal in London. FREE DRINKS ALL NIGHT £35 - Girls £45 - Guys
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