Godspeed - Dark Side

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    Endymion, Brisk, UFO, DA Predator, Evil Activities, Alek Szahala, Bipolar, Fenix, Weaver, Matrix, Suae, Team Rocket, Spellbound, Crisis, Dave PSI, QT, Destiny, Phase One, Midian, Marcos, Scape, Duckie, Refresh, Crystal, MC Losty, MC D-Tech.
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  • Powerhouse Productions brings a darkside addition of Godspeed to a brand new venue, Sydney Entertainment Centre. Godspeed punters will be the first ones to witness this venue being used for a dance party. Also meet Endymion, Evil activities and the Predator at ‘the recordstore’ 3pm Saturday July 2nd. Bring your tunes or get new ones on the day for the guys to sign.