Eukatech & Eukahouse Re-Launch Party

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    Nils Hess, Betoke, La Gosse, Josh Lasden, Anto
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  • After a couple of years hiatus, the award winning underground labels, eukatech & eukahouse, re-surface with a fresh direction and a tantalising selection of music… The ‘euka’ labels launched in the mid 90's and helped carve out the new sounds that were emanating from the UK that was to be coined tech house. eukahouse released music from the likes of Terry Francis, Nathan Coles, Get F**ked, Terry Lee Brown Jr, Audio Soul Project, Jeff Bennet, Pure Science, Armand Van Helden, Mr C, Kurtis Blow, Asad Rizvi, Didier Sinclair, Tom Pooks, Richard Grey, Peace Division, Dave Mothersole, Gideon Jackson, Alejandro Vivanco, Bill Makris, and Tyree Cooper, alongside many more as well as label head honcho, Nils Hess. The label also hosted the acclaimed mix CD series, ‘Tech House Phenomena’ with excellent mixes from Murf, Nathan Coles, Dave Mothersole, Dano, Inland Knights, & Richard Grey. Other label highlights include the Tech House Classics retrospective featuring defining tracks from some of electronic music’s pioneers, that helped pave the wave for the tech house sound. Several albums too found a home on the label, most notable being the two massive Get F**ked releases. The eukatech label offered a slightly tougher sound with pumping cuts coming from the likes of Daz Saund & Ben Tisdall, Marco Lenzi, Jamie Bissmire, Alenia, Access 58, Zupazonik, Si Begg, Tobias Von Hofsten, as well as a platform for Nils Hess for his more harder edge sounds under his Reck guise. Many CD projects found a home on this label too, most notably the critically acclaimed Subject:Detroit album from DJ Bone that won many plaudits. The labels biggest success came from winning Muzik Magazine’s ‘Best Independent label Of The Year’ accolade. eukatech also took the form of an impressive music emporium, servicing London and beyond for over 10 years, before bowing out with a brilliant party at The End club in London, that hosted Alex Under’s UK debut and gave Luciano one of his only London gigs outside of Fabric. And now eukatech enters its next phase… We kick off the label again with a release from Mexican artist, Betoke. A member of Amnesia resident, Mar-T’s WOW! Records (alongside Paco Osuna, Valentino Kansyani, & Tobi Neumann amongst others), his big room tracks have found homes with many leading dj’s and featured on several high profile compilations. His release for eukatech ‘El Hijo De La Guayaba’ encumbers a jacking percussive beat with simmering pads and keys that build to deadly effect. Nils Hess & Henry Cullen provide the remix treatment with a rich and atmospheric interpretation that will no doubt do the business on the floor. Watch out for promo copies dropping very soon… The next release will come courtesy of label boss, Nils Hess, followed by retox resident, La Gosse, making her eukatech debut! For the pre launch party, Nils Hess, Betoke, & La Gosse will be showcasing material at Click on Thursday November 6th. They will be joined by Josh Lasden from El Futuro Records, Belgium, who will have 25 records to give away of the label latest release that features a remix from Nils Hess. Doors open at 10pm and the party goes through till 6am. Its free entry before the midnight hour. We hope you can join us!
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