NYE - Decades Of Dance 1988-2008

  • This New Years Eve marks the end of 2008 and the end of two decades of dance music. To celebrate this momentous occasion we’ve decided to transform the venue into a neo-rave paradise and have invited down the true pioneers of the past, present and future to whip up an almighty rock’n’raving climax to 2008 & the past 20yrs of dance music. Cagedbaby’s electronic tales of melodic bliss were the perfect starter for The Chemical Brothers on Tom’n’Eds last uk tour. Or if you were lucky enough to have been down under in January; you might have caught a glimpse of their all-singing, all-dancing Baby experience with fellow genre busters The Go! Team, Soulwax and LCD Soundsystem. Cagedbaby has promised the White House a set depicting the biggest anthems of 20yrs and a countdown to midnight, never to be forgotten. Joining Cagedbaby is one of the original instigators of rave as we see it today on the white isle of Ibiza. Along with Danny Rampling, Paul Oakenfold and friends, Nicky Holloway stands as an original pioneer that has never taken his foot off the beat. Add to that Hacienda Resident and world DMC DJ champion from 1987; the original ‘Hear The Drummer Get Wicked’ and legend ‘Chad Jackson’. Chad’s sets are something to be heard and seen as this premier DJ champion takes to the decks to play his first set of 2009. In support of these timely legends we have local Clapham boy and main man from Get Diverted ‘Rob Alldritt’. Along with Rob on the main floor catch retrospective set’s from Liquid Soul’s DJ Manu and from Bodyshine ‘Marc Grant’. Holding the dance floor on the first floor we are very excited to have the Size Doesn’t Matter DJ’s over from their home in West London. Running one of London’s most successful and unique nights, Simon Kurrage and Mr Shiver’s theme is too play the biggest, most funky 7” records known to man. Hence the name ‘Size Doesn’t Matter’ and if you’ve been lucky enough to frequent their night you’ll know that’s exactly what they do. Also on the first floor and completing the White House line up for New Years Eve 2008; From DJ magazine, The Drum Monkeys, Raindance & Vinyl Touch’s Niki Dimensions, South London promotion Read The Crowd and their DJ’s David Minns & DJ R-Taye plus Clapham’s first lady of house ‘Mommy Rocks’ from Tribes. So expect a retrospective rave up of all your favourite tunes and anthems delivered by the finest, tried and tested DJ’s and producers of the last 20yrs. All roads leading to South London and The Clapham White House.
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