Harder>Faster 3 - Hardcore I Am

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    • 12 McKillop St; Melbourne, VIC 3141; Australia
  • Date
    Fri, 12 Dec 200810:00pm - 6:00am
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  • DO YOU LIKE GREEN EGGS AND HAM? I DO NOT LIKE THEM SAM I AM .. DO YOU LIKE TO RAVE AND DANCE? YES I DO HARDCORE I AM.. WOULD YOU COULD YOU IN A CAR? WOULD YOU, COULD YOU NEAR OR FAR? I WOULD LIKE TO SEE SCOTT BROWN SIR .. I WOULD LIKE TO DRINK AND DANCE SIR.. SO BE AT 3D SAM I AM ,BE THERE CAUSE HARDCORE I AM .. SCOTT BROWN (UK) : THE WORLD'S NUMBER 1 HARDCORE DJ : EVOLUTION RECORDS Voted the world's Number One Hardcore DJ, Harder>>Faster is proud to welcome back Scott Brown for his end of the year performance for our event. The owner of Evolution Records and Evolution Plus, Scott is responsible for anthems that have touched generations of ravers - from the old skool days of Now Is The Time and The Rezerection Anthem (Do what ya like) to Nu Skool anthems like Elysium Plus, Definition of a Bad Boy, Gang Bang Society, Neckbreaker and Boomstick. He tours the world constantly playing everywhere there's a hardcore scene, such as Switzerland, Canada, America, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan. His diversity as a DJ and a producer allows him to be one of the very few UK DJ's capable of playing at a UK mega-event like Slammin' Vinyl or HTID one night, and then jumping on a plane to play at a massive gabber party in The Netherlands the next night. Despite his world #1 ranking he's one of the most down to earth people in the international scene, and is easily the most recognised name in the Hardcore movement. Without question, Scott Brown is one of the hardcore elite, and a Godfather of the Hardcore scene. Do not miss Scott as he absolutely tears it up at HARDER>>FASTER!
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