Brot presents Voodoo Down Records with L'estasi Dell'oro, 12 x 12 & Valentin Stip

  • We invite you to a deep night of love and quality techno at Bertrams with Voodoo Down Records heads L'estasi Dell'oro and 12 x 12, featuring special support by Montreal's Valentin Stip. Voodoo Down Records was founded in 2012 by Brooklyn-based producers 12 x 12 (Sean Phillips), L'estasi Dell'oro (Christopher Ernst) and N'conduit (Alex Hamadey). United by a passion for quality music and vinyl collecting, the label's sound and aesthetic rose up around their distinct musical personalities and that year they began releasing a series of vinyl-only compilations and EP's featuring some of the most unique producers in dance music today like STL, Anton Zap, and October. Now on their eighth release, the co-founders of the label have continued to use VDR to showcase their own sound, and often contribute original cuts and collective remixes to the catalog. Their work with VDR is an integral part of New York City's reborn electronic music scene. Christopher Ernst has established himself as forward thinking artist who is consistently building his own world of sounds around him. Wether it is his more classical, ambient, drone sounds as Panalune or Subway, like on his own imprint "Flaneur Audio", or his more dance-floor oriented, unique techno trippers on Voodoo Down Records and Stefan Goldmann's "Macro" label as L'estasi Dell'oro, we can expect him to do something original and mysterious with every release. His latest release on Field Records, "I Look Upon Nature While I Live In A Steel City" marks his first full-length techno work and the first full length LP by a solo artist on the Dutch label. — We are very happy to announce that L'estasi Dell'oro will be performing the special Berlin debut of his live hardware set! 12 x 12 aka Sean Phillips has been continuously shaping his super deep sound, like on his latest solo EP on VDR called Kobayashi Maru or on his newer more left-field oriented label Rock And Roll Records (co-owned w/ N'conduit). As a DJ he is always on top of his game and a regular hit at Berlin clubs like Chalet and Tresor. Part of Montreal's Booma Collective, Valentin Stip made his debut in 2011 on Nicolas Jaar's Clown & Sunset label with the "Anytime Will Do" EP. Since then he has remained dedicated to honing his uniquely organic and musically diverse brand of ambient electronic, with his most recent release being one of the finest full-lengths of 2014 on Jaar's Other People label. A current resident of Berlin and friend of the label, Valentin will be stopping by for a special DJ set to keep the tunes heady late into the night. BROT resident DJs and vinyl hunters, Mat Fink and Nik Patrick will join 12 x 12 and Valentin behind the decks for a fresh slice of heart felt vinyl only sets - with the occasional use of the CDJ for our own productions. Expect pumping techno & driving deep house ranging from early 90s to this weeks releases. Always keen to experiment, all in the spirit of dancing 'till our pants drop. — After we had several nights in Loftus Hall, this is BROT's first party in Bertrams. Down in the beautifully designed, dark-lit cellar, with lots of secret hang-outs and a great sound-system, Bertrams has proven itself to be one of the finest underground techno clubs in Berlin and we are very excited to try and keep that momentum going with all of you! Bring colorful thoughts for a dark musical journey ♥
  • Brot presents Voodoo Down Records with L'estasi Dell'oro, 12 x 12 & Valentin Stip - Flyer front
    Brot presents Voodoo Down Records with L'estasi Dell'oro, 12 x 12 & Valentin Stip - Flyer back