Voodoo - Zouk Halloween

  • 31st October, the Day of the Dead, marks the darkest and most anticipated party of the year - Halloween. When the veil separating our world from the Otherworld is at its thinnest and the potential for magic at its peak! A hex cast on a Friday falling on this date reaps exceptional havoc and no one knew this better than the Voodoo Masters who placed the mother of all curses on it – The curse of a submissive zombie existence!!! The only salvation from this lifetime of unparalleled boredom is madly dancing to the hypnotic beats of the mystic Zouk Witchdoctors… but getting to them won’t be easy. From crocodile infested swamps, through cavernous caves of bats, mortifying sacrifices and countless tortured souls - limbless entities wasting away in a vortex of horror beyond your imagination! As vile hags beckon you astray, thirsting for blood and entrails and a fresh skull to drink from, you know you must come prepared; Cast office attire aside and transform with supernatural pride- the only way to brave the diabolical Voodoo night. Admission: Free & priority entry for those in full costume (entry is not guaranteed if the club is full, so arrive early!) The most creative costume wins a pair of tickets to the beautiful tribal land where it all began, South Africa, Capetown, sponsored by AXN Beyond – a brand new 24/7 channel bringing the best of sci-fi, fantasy, horror and suspense. 2nd Prize wins a Nokia N96, valued at $1258 and the 3rd prize is a Bacardi hamper. Still have nothing to wear?? Go To: No. 1 Costume Costume : the BIGGEST costumes shop in town Located at 32 Aliwal Street. Contact us at 6333 9440
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