Rough Disko with Squire Of Gothos Djs

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    Squire of Gothos (Electrostimulation Records)
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  • We regularly get messaged on Myspace by DJs wanting to come and play a set at RD - unfortunately most of them are peddling the same electro bangers everyone else is playing, so we’re pretty used to sacking them off (alongside the Weller-influenced guitar bands who inexplicably think we’d put them on – seriously, we couldn’t care less). Squire of Gothos hit us up back in July asking about a slot, so we asked them to come down to our next night with a mix CD. When they did turn up, they got ministered on Strongbow and harangued us cause we weren’t playing enough ghetto-tech. This strong start only got better when we played their mix late the next day – 34 minutes of bass-heavy bombs splicing grime, jackin’ house, electro, booty bass, hip hop and bassline. When we heard that the mix was pretty much made entirely from their own productions we knew we had to get them down for a Steel City mash-up so here it is…. Of late, uber-blog Palms Out Sounds featured their remix of ODB’s ‘Shimmy Shimmy Y’all’ in one of their near-legendary ‘Remix Sunday’ posts, and South London’s grime/rave/dubstep/wonk-bass maestro Kanji Kinetic not only included three of their tracks in his incendiary NLLR mix, but also signed them to his own Electrostimulation label for the forthcoming ‘Ravelord’ EP (out Nov-Dec time - also, Kanji is coming up to play a set for us on Dec 5th...HYPE). To quote: ‘GOTHOS pull together a stomach-dislodging 4-track EP with enough filthy bass noises to knock out a whole army of steroid-addicted Chuck Norris clones out cold from 3 rooms away’. With regular plays as part of Electrostimulation co-founder DeaD PersoN’s podcasts and a DIY/party ethic that’s as punk as f*ck, they’re part of the new breed of clued-up young producers with access to cheap, hi-spec PCs and enough cracked software to produce some of the deepest, dirtiest riddims we've heard in an age…don’t sleep on this… Expect: Jackin' house, electro, wonky techno, bootybass, baile funk, Baltimore, disco
  • Rough Disko with Squire Of Gothos Djs - Flyer front