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    Raymundo Rodriguez (Jaded/Electonic) DIGS (DiY, Lovebox, Sunday..Schmunday) MILES (Atmospheric Existence/Living City) DAN HILL (Sweatshop) JAMES THOMSON (Juno Records) JP MCKENZIE (ScenexScience/ThisWayUp)
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  • Thanks to everyone who made the debut on the 19th October. Twas a wicked lil vibe - quality to see some of you crew again! Next up we have RAYMUNDO RODRIGUEZ joining us this Sunday 2nd November after his stint in Southampton then onto the legendary Jaded where he resides and finally onto us at Mile End 54. A typical Mundo marathon! We are also lucky enough to have Dan Hill from SWEATSHOP joining us - along side the usual 'Sunday..Schmunday' suspects - this is sure to be a memorable Sunday knees up!
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      FREE b4 2pm, £5 afta, £3 NUS
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