Arezzo Meets Berlin #2

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    Ion Ludwig (Quagmire|Resopal|Alphaouse|Thema|DE) Niro Perrone (Minicool Records|Minimouse|Klang|IT) Double Dash (Sunplay Recordings|Herz Ist Trumpf|Klang|IT)
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  • Koos Ludwig, born at 21 January 1985 at Sofia Hospital in Zwolle, Netherlands makes him an Aquarius, even more important on the Mayan ‘Tzolkin’ Calendar, a White Lunar Mirror. Studying classic and electric guitar at the age of 10 and follow multiple african percussion courses Koos Ludwig better know as Ion Ludwig ( aka Qodeval) develops his love for music at young age. After being introduced to techno and house around 2000 Koos starts to produce electronical dancemusic in the summer of 2003. In the following two years his style get shaped by different genre’s and names. Everyday pop music to his mother classical collection are of great influence. Being introduced to minimal techno around the same time bring new angles to the work which he has been producing so far. Villalobos, Jonson, Herbert and Luciano are at this point most inspiring artists for young Ludwig. In his early productionyears Ion Ludwig searches for a minimal sound. As freaky as it can get, his tracks are dark, changing and raw. His love for a melodramatic feeling is already found back in complex melodyarrangements which which fuse to one ingenious compelling sound. Never shaping his sound at this point but looking for diversity and distinction in every track. With this way of working Ludwig finds himself releasing his first productions. The very first track on a v.a cd-release named ‘Unsigned Project - Push the buttons’ initiated by Dutch Pop Institute. Not long after that he releases a v.a and e.p for UK’s ‘Clevermusic’ netlabel. The first step to the ‘vinyl-league’ is made by his release for Butane’s Alphahouse early 2005. After that E.P’s follow on Underline, Stock5, Phonocult and Resopal. Remixes appear on Archipel, Safari, Einmaleins and many others. In June 2007 Koos Ludwig graduates from his university where he studied 4 years of Media & Entertainmentmanagement. A year before that he moves away from Amsterdam to Berlin to finish his studies by grounding his label ‘Quagmire’ in late 2006. Releasing his own most special works along with productions of friends around him. Quagmire’s first release ‘Blood Source ep’ delivers him attention from all over the world, and is being played by every self respecting dj. His stageappearance starts after the first releases in 2005 when he begins focusing on playing live preformances. Using a computer and controller as first equipment, Ludwig builds his studio over the years into a more hardware orientated work-environment. In the summer of 2007 he starts to experiment with using this hardware on stage, often changing setups between laptop, hardware or a combination of both. With gigs throughout Holland, United Kingdom, Spain, Swiss, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Australia, Georgia and Russia, Ludwig’s future seems to be maturing. With more releases to come on N.Y.C’s Thema, Munich’s Stock5, Berlin’s Resopal and his label Quagmire Ion Ludwig will continue developing his sound into a more understandable, musical and harmonic clubmusic. Slowly moving styles and genres to create timeless music known to everybody around the globe.
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