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    Mickey Zhang Shen Yue J.Swarz
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  • Hello Music People, I’m glad to announce the new Line Up For the incomings parties coming at Tango. This Month We Launch The “Versus Series” The Cold November will be warmed by the Locals From Beijing, Dio & Mickey Zhang from “o2 Culture”, Ou Yang from “Yugong”, J.Swarz from “Musicology” and as well our Resident Dj Shen Yue from SOS “Science of Sounds” VERSUS @ TANGO: 11/7/08 Mickey ZhangVs. J.Swarz 21/7/08 Ou Yang Vs. J.Swarz 29/7/08 Dio Vs. J.Swarz Warming Up Nights “Shen Yue” Tango Resident.
  • Versus - Flyer front
    Versus - Flyer back