Weathertop's 2nd Birthday Free Party with Special Guest Kris Wadsworth

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    Kris Wadsworth (Hypercolour/URANUS/BREED) ACED (Weathertop) Sean "Sci-k" Purcell B2B Matt Chew (Weathertop/Blacklip) Ghostcuts (Weathertop) Ryan Cleary (Weathertop) Charlie "Chonkie" B (Weathertop/RubaDub) Colgi (Weathertop)
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  • Weathertop are celebrating our second birthday! We have done a lot over the last 2 years with events in all shapes and forms, from international acts, BBQs, forest raves, to free parties. To commemorate this date, we have decided to bring over our favorite act who has played for us since the beginning of Weathertop. The creator and owner of BREED and URANUS, the man behind the legendary tune Lime and Pink and the master of Detroit Deep Techno Kris Wadsworth, will be joining us once again on Friday June 5th. Kris has been at the forefront of the Techno Vinyl scene since day one. With the launch of his second label, BREED, experimentation on his number one selling concept label URANUS, 30 year old Kris Wadsworth is a name you know. Any major player has a few Wadsworth tracks or remixes, and any serious club or promoter has his name on the tip of their tongue. He is one of the most consistent and innovative artists who is always working to further his unmistakable sound, whether behind the decks or in the studio.
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