Firefly presents Bedbug Thursdays Djuma Soundsystem

  • NEWS . . . Our label Get Physical are closing up on their release no 100! Congrats guys! Not bad for 5 years in the biz! We were asked to make a collaboration with another GP artist for the release, and chose to put some beats and melodies to Raz O'Hara's melancholic and beautiful voice. Check out our contribution to the latest "Full body workout", - no 4 of its kind. Our track, "Small fries", is named after a little potato person, and it got no two on beatports deephouse chart. We have released a two track E.P. on "Toolroom", - one of UKs absolutely biggest indie labels. "The Atilla E.P." was made together with our good friend Flip, and Mark Knight and his Toolroom partners put it out as the 8th release in their "Leaders of the new school" serie. You can have a listen to "Atilla" and "Jaded" in our player. We made a little mashup of the most popular remixes of our biggest track, "Les Djinns" for you. Enjoy! We played our biggest gig til date (and probably in our lives!) in Kiev, - for no less than fucking 50.000 people big enthusiastic crowd! They even stayed and danced in the rain! Big respect to the Ukraine ravers!!! "Kaskade" asked us to do a remix of his "4 AM". Scroll up and have a listen! Our site is up! It has a community, t-shirts, member club... the works so check it out, and give some feedback if you like! We're officially the most sold track on! - Ever! Yeah! And they've made a remix contest, so now you can get the parts on beatport and make your own Les Djinns! It's probably the most bootlegged track of last year, and you can hear some of those strange versions on our homepage Moby made one! His first remix in years! It's on Get Physicals 5 years compilation We have made a live setup! We had our debut on the Roskilde festival, playing after Booka Shade in front of thousands of people! Here's a clip:
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