Barcore: Hellbound Killsound with Delta 9, Drumcorps, Dev/nullMore

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    DELTA 9 [Chicago, IL], DRUMCORPS [Berlin, Germany], DEV/NULL [Allston, MA], SCREAMERCLAUZ [Poconos, PA], SWEETPEAPOD [Whereabouts unknown] & AMOK [Bayonne, NJ] w visuals from: LOW-KEY [Jersey City, NJ]
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  • Back to end the year with a healthy dose of hellacious audio mayhem, Barcore continues to celebrate the intense clash of culture, technology and music. Ravenous rhythmic cataclysms collide and explode into near speed blinding sonic over load that not only warps minds, but also shatters the soul. Aural dominance substantiating through sound walls that leave all witnesses in biosystematic frenzy. Come, feel the fire forged beats hammer through mental limits of innocence and are pushed beyond spiritual chaos, when the heaviest of sound demons descend into New York City. The struggle for vindication continues, as Barcore invites all souls of all ages, to come and push their own conscious threshold. It is here and now, where we all will hear the firestorm of industrialized beats and rhythmic re-evolution...
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