The Bunker feat Dj Jus-Ed

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    DJ Jus-Ed (Underground Quality | Connecticut), Spinoza (The Bunker, Beyond | Brooklyn)
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  • A voyage into the world of DJ Jus-Ed reveals an adventurous, energetic and spiritual style of playing quality house music. Music has always been a part of Ed's life, starting at the tender of of six when he was a drummer touring with his grandparents' jazz duo. Ed's first foray into DJing began in 1982 and ended in 1985. He stayed away from DJing until 2001, when he launched Underground Quality as a series of parties with friend DJ Vic Money. Underground Quality branched out to become a record label in 2005. UQ has released nearly 20 records in three years, in the process becoming one of the hottest house music labels in the planet. After years of experience hosting and guesting on various radio programs, Ed has settled down at The Underground Quality Radio Show on The program currently holds a cult like status with some of the most famous house music producers and record fiends alike, who tune in each an every Wednesday to sample some of the quality house music that Jus-Ed has become known and loved for the world over. In the past few years, Jus-Ed has appeared at many huge clubs in Europe, including Berghain/Panorama Bar in Berlin, Fabric in London, and Rex Club in Paris. Ed is the last person in the world to let any of his success go to his head. He is one of the most down to Earth dudes we've ever met, a family man who runs his own landscaping business in Connecticut to put food on the table. Ed was fantatic when he played for us at the first House-N-Home loft party, and we're thrilled to finally welcome him to The Bunker.
  • The Bunker feat Dj Jus-Ed - Flyer front