The Bunker feat Melchior Productions (Live)

  • In the past few years, there's been a lot of talk about minimalism in electronic music. While electronic dance music is all pretty minimal in a sense, you may have noticed that a lot of what has been called "minimal" doesn't sound very minimal at all. Enter Thomas Melchior, who makes some of the most beautiful and truly minimal dance music we've ever heard. Melchior has been making various forms of electronic music for over 20 years. Early in his career he released two successful and extremely influential releases on Aphex Twin's Rephlex label. In the late 90's his focus started to shift to more minimal house music, and he became a member of Baby Ford & The Ifach Collective, and is responsible for many of the fine releases on Ford's Trelik imprint. As Melchior Productions in this decade, he's released key parts of his discography over three of the most important and influential labels in electronic dance music: Playhouse, Perlon, and Cadenza. We are thrilled to finally present one of our all time favorite producers as a pre-Thanksgiving treat, where he will be performing a special two hour live set. This is the only wee all year that we do Bunker on WEDNESDAY, NOT FRIDAY! For more info on Thomas, read our friend Andy Battaglia's excellent interview/article over at Resident Advisor:
  • The Bunker feat Melchior Productions (Live) - Flyer front