Boomtick presents 16 Bit Lolitas

  • There’s a buzz about town, emanating from the sought after sounds created by the lads from 16 Bit Lolitas, who are currently being touted as one of the most successful production duos ever to have turned their attention to progressive and underground house. Together they have been consistently churning out releases since joining forces in 2003, and they now have such a wide range of aural pleasures to choose from that, apart from a few hand picked tunes to add a shimmer, their sets are almost entirely their own music. It’s music that creates atmosphere; bar after bar of electronic harmonization that has been patiently crafted and produced with emotion and care to specifically suit any club mood. Fresh off their latest mix of “Jeopardy” for Yoshi Toshi and the new 3 tracker for their own label the self effacing “Bits and Pieces”, the 16 Bit Lolitas now have their first ultimate collection in their sights. To launch the “Warung, Live” series for Brazil’s ultimate Beach club, the guys have been asked to put together a representation of just what makes them the hottest act there. A bold combination of DJ mix compilation and artist album - Warung Brazil 001 will be released early next month. A delectable dishing of these future house heroes, the 16 Bit Lolitas will definitely deliver at Ambar.
  • Boomtick presents 16 Bit Lolitas - Flyer front