Exhibit A House Warming With Glide

  • Venue
    Camp David
    • 8-10 Westmoorland Road; Newcastle Upon Tyne; NE1 4EG; United Kingdom
  • Date
    Fri, 7 Nov 20089pm - 3:30am
  • Promoter
    exhibit a
  • Attending
    • 2
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    Glide (global underground) Nicky Mann & Paul Bonnick Luke Turner Mick Clarke (founder of G.U) Ian Blevins (space ibiza)
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  • right we're on... CLUB CAMP DAVID new sound, lighting and layout open till 3:30am first friday of every month!! 250 capacity; dark, intimate and sweaty 3 areas of underground house music house warming, Friday 7th november! Some of the best DJ’s in newcastle A fiver in, It’s gonna be banging!! Line Up for Friday 7th November: MAIN ROOM: Glide (global underground / clean recordings) Nicky Mann & Paul Bonnick (exhibit a) Luke Turner (salvation / exhibit a introduces…) IN THE LOFT: Celebrating 20 years of ACID HOUSE Mick Clarke (co-founder of G.U.) THE TERRACE: Ian Blevins (space – Ibiza) house warming at the (soon to be) newly refurbished CLUB CAMP DAVID, with spanking new light, sound and layout and 3 areas of quality house music from some of the best DJ’s in Newcastle. Residing on the first Friday of every month with a cheap as fuck door tax, we kick things off on Friday the 7th November with a rising north east star, Glide, currently managing his own record label, clean recordings, as well as featuring on the seminal label global underground and Nick Warren’s latest G.U. mix CD 032 LIMA, Glide’s style encompasses deep house, prog, techno, minimal and electronica to create truly fantastic deep house which is mirrored in his amazing DJ sets. Club camp david is going to be the perfect place to hear this brilliant DJ on top form in a seriously intimate environment. Providing support downstairs as always is the exhibit a residents Nicky Mann & Paul Bonnick plus a late addition to the line up with Luke Turner joining us after winning exhibit a introduces… for October. Upstairs in the loft we have a very special DJ set from a true local veteran of pioneering house music, non other than the co-founder of Global Underground, the top quality house and techno label based right here in Newcastle, Mick Clarke! Mick will be joining us upstairs with a special one off ACID set celebrating 20 years of ACID HOUSE rave ups! Expect some serious filth upstairs in the tiny, dark and intimate sweatbox. On the terrace we have a welcome return to another of our residents Ian Blevins, fresh (kind of) from a summer in Ibiza playing for We Love…Sundays on Space’s roof terrace. Armed with a boatload of eclectic house, disco, soul and funk Ian will be providing your lift music on the terrace while you smerk yer tabs like. Friday 7th November Doors @ 9pm till 3:30 free before 9 £3 till 11 £5 after!!! CLUB CAMP DAVID don't miss it.... ********* Because of the limited capacity of this event there will be no free guestlist, however first 30 people to leave their names on the wall will get queue jumps http://www.facebook.com/events.php#/event.php?eid=39610278097 ********* ---AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST--- A massive thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last 10 months on our tour of some of the best venues in Newcastle, the parties have been amazing and so have the crowd... CHEERS!!! Photos: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?sid=dc8abb7caf927741133afa66065e46a7&refurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fs.php%3Fn%3D-1%26k%3D200000010%26init%3Ds%253Agroup%26q%3Dexhibit%2Ba%26sid%3Ddc8abb7caf927741133afa66065e46a7&gid=6793703849
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