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    Rechenzentrum live aka Marc Weiser (DE) DJane Dahlia (DE) Tim Andresen (WH)
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  • Marc Weiser / Rechenzentrum presents his latest project with Berlin based DJane dahlia: combining a DJ-Set with live elements, Marc Weiser is setting several layers of experimental sounds and voices over the carpet of subtly interwoven minimal grooves provided by dahlia. The interplay between both is not only a complex and surprising sound experience but challenges the traditional determination of the two fundamental sources of club sound - the live act and the DJ. In their sensitive interaction Marc Weiser and dahlia complement one another in diverse ways, always understanding the original record as a tool inviting to play with. The result is a spontaneous, energetic set that opens up a new exciting variety of standard club music. DJane dahlia is regularly playing in Berlin-Kreuzberg's charming hot-spot Paloma Bar where she became resident after her firstperformance early 2006. Since then dahlia is constantly inspiring the crowd with captivating deep and groovy sets in various clubs in and outside of Berlin.
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