Kaos presents Orphx

  • As one of the most highly respected acts in both techno and industrial circles, Orphx have been developing their signature fusion of hypnotic rhythms and experimental noise for the past twenty years. Using modular and analog synthesizers, software, location recordings and feedback circuits, Rich Oddie and Christina Sealey draw upon the darker, psychedelic fringes of electronic dance music and combine these elements with the experimental aesthetics and themes of early industrial music. Orphx have gained an international following as one of the pioneering acts within the European ‘rhythmic noise’ scene and eventually came to the attention of techno fans through a series of acclaimed 12"s on Adam X’s Sonic Groove label along with remix work for artists like from Perc, Oscar Mulero, Traversable Wormhole to Svreca. Oddie and Sealey have performed around the world and are renowned for improvised live sets that combine software with modular synth hardware. Orphx has released nine albums and numerous singles on vinyl, CD and cassette that have had a significant influence on many of the artists in the present wave of industrial techno. Building on a sprawling back catalogue that stretches across the divisions between industrial, ambient and techno, their recent output has demonstrated that Orphx is both a pioneer and innovator in the fusion of rhythm and noise.
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