Mezzanine presents: Sebastien Tellier

  • After the huge success of 2005''s "La Ritournelle" and the release of the acoustic "Sessions" the following year, to say Sebastien Tellier''s next album was eagerly awaited would be an understatement. Now, to say it''s a masterpiece would be another one. Unlike previous releases, it seems the french artist has opted for a far poppier and lightweight approach on this "Sexuality" LP. Produced by half of Daft Punk Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo, it bears eroticism and seduction overall its 50 minutes and creaks with potential hit singles. From marvellous opener "Roche", a tale about falling in love in the sun (ahem) to the closing "L''Amour Et La Violence", whose first two minutes would not have been out of place on "Sessions", it''s a landmark record meant to soundtrack lovers'' nights to the highest point. First single, the lengthy "Sexual Sportswear", provide an ''Air meets Giorgio Moroder'' feel, while "Une Heure" or "Elle" are emotive numbers that makes your spine shiver with joy (yes it''s that good). All along, delicate production and soft electronics collide with a sharp songwriting and a skilled musicianship to an effect both striking and addictive. The first truly great pop album of 2008, alongside Hot Chip''s "Made In The Dark" (check the Amazon customer reviews, I could not write a better one). UPDATE October 2008: I have to add that the Japanese edition of this CD features 3 worthy remixes; "Sexual Sportswear" (Sebastian Remix), "Divine" (Danger Remix) and, most of all, a radical reworking of "L''Amour Et La Violence" by German producer Boys Noize.
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