Firefly feat Andrew Weatherall & Elite Force

  • The only Garvey Party till 2009, so be sure to be there! tickets onsale now... Back to our spiritual home, The Marcus Garvey Ballroom, for the last time in 2008 we’d like you all to come and play! Big Up Bug Lovers! The time has finally come! It's the first Firefly party of the season and sadly the LAST one of the year! 2008 may be approaching its end but the best party is yet to come...To kick things off we have Warp Records' highly influential artist Andrew Weatherall making his Firefly debut- and as if you didn't know already- he makes up half of the infamous dance duo Two Lone Swordsman and anyone worth their salt can tell you he is one of the world's most respected DJ greats! Next up: 'tech-funk' defining and producer extraordinaire Elite Force will be in da house! Having penned numerous Hollywood movie soundtracks featured in The Matrix, Charlie's Angels, The Crow and Spiderman 2 to name but a few, he is quite possibly one the of greatest showmen Firefly has ever presented! Bringing eclectic choice cuts and dance-floor savvy grooves, bouncing about till dawn is inevitable- don't say we didn't warn you! And re-introducing the mighty party monkeys Thrash Jelly who are hot on the heels of releasing debut single "Fluster Gush" on Firefly Recordings! They'll be whipping out a rare 6 deck performance for all you special ravers! Guiding you into the night will be fellow resident hoodlums Beat Repeaters and we'll be introducing the ever so lovely Dave Russell to you Ballroom beauties for the very first time- so play nice! As always: expect 10 feet robots, fire eaters, party people and of course music to make your knees wobble!! SEE YOU ON THE DANCEFLOOR!
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  • Firefly feat Andrew Weatherall & Elite Force - Flyer front