Direct to Earth with DJ Spider (Plan B - The Trilogy Tapes - Killekill)

  • DJ Spider is involved in many forms of electronic music production and also records under the names, Spider Bites, Kuru, Alarma!, Destination Void, Bomb Site, & Mindscraper. He has appeared on many labels as well as his own imprints, Plan B Recordings, Sublevel Sounds & Beneath The Underground Music (BTU Music). His low profile in NYC and the US aside, DJ Spider is one of the Metro Area’s most storied and talented DJs whose personal history stretches far back into New York’s old school house scene and beyond to roots in punk, noise, hardcore and more. He came up through the end of the first important era of clubbing in New York, and his crates dig deep into that time. Spider made an early entrance into the vinyl fray of the resurgent NYC house scene in 2008 and has been cutting heads and hacking out beats with his machete in his Bronx-based Web Lab studio ever since without pause. He’s a tireless worker whose release schedule has grown busier each year since his first drop and who in 2013-2014 alone managed solo or collaborative releases on respected imprints like Killekill, Finale Sessions, The Trilogy Tapes, and more, as well as making regular appearances in many of Europe’s most celebrated clubs. Calling such figures as Hakim Murphy, Amir Alexander and Chris Mitchell as his allies or collaborators, Spider represents the vanguard of the increasingly dirty house/techno crossover and is sure to bring both the filth and the skills when he tears it up at F8. Here's to techno, here's to you - DTE
  • Direct to Earth with DJ Spider (Plan B - The Trilogy Tapes - Killekill) - Flyer front