The Bunker with Rødhåd, Atom™ & Tobias, Föllakzoid, Alex From Queens, Antenes

  • Please note that we're starting early at 9pm, with a Chilean rock band playing with Atom™ (yes you read that right), and it's only $10 before 11pm. Rødhåd (Dystopian, Berlin) Rødhåd has been socialized by Berlin's techno nights and always finds the perfect balance of timeless techno to lift the dancefloor higher and higher. His style is always deep, powerful and melancholic - from dub to techno and back to house. At the the end of the 1990s Rødhåd laid the groundwork for his DJ-career. He organized small open-air-parties in the outskirts of Berlin just for the fun of it. The word spread quickly far beyond Berlin’s and Germany’s borders about the new kid on the block. His specific style, consisting of Dub-Techno mixed with percussive grooves and his timeless, perfect mixing technique garnered him widespread recognition. In 2009, he launched his own regular club night with himself as resident: DYSTOPIAN. Such legendary locations as the Arena Club, the Tape Club or Horst Krzbrg in Berlin have been witness to these intense club nights. Around 2010, the famous Berlin club Berghain recognized Rødhåds craft. His sound and his style of mixing fit neatly to the philosophy of this place, and he started DJing there regularly. From then on he had gigs in places all over Europe, such as Trouw (Amsterdam), Concrete (Paris), Rex (Paris), Lux (Lisbon), Fuse (Brussels) and major scene events such as Awakenings, Weather Festival andMelt Festival. In 2012, he released his first record on his label DYSTOPIAN. Rødhåd’s tracks immediately received praise by Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, Luke Slater, Laurent Garnier, Sven Väth, Dave Clarke. Also labels such as Token, CLR & Cocoon became aware of the young producer. He caught his big break in the same year, as he was featured and interviewed as “Break Through Artist Of The Year” on the paramount website for electronic music, Tours in Japan, Australia and international bookings every weekend followed. soundcloud: Atom™ & Tobias. (Ostgut Ton, The Bunker New York | Berlin/Chile) LIVE Atom™ and Tobias Freund are both well known figures in electronic music. In fact, many would argue that they are living legends. Tobias began his career in the early '80s, mainly using the pseudonym "Pink Elln". He looks back on a long sequence of music making that has led him from mainstream pop to club music, and then onto the experimental and unclassifiable. Uwe Schmidt, better known as Atom™, has a similar musical background. He is most well known for his work under the Senor Coconut moniker, but has worked under dozens of other aliases, all with their own sound. Atom™ and Tobias met around 1986, while both were still living in Frankfurt. The pre-techno scene was blossoming when they met in a studio. In 1990, Tobias was the engineer who helped mix and record Atom™'s first release ever. As a natural consequence, Tobias and Atom™ started to work together. Strangely, they collaborated not so much in a studio environment, but mostly playing improvised electronic music concerts. In 1992 they recorded probably one of the very first live techno recordings ever, the 12-inch "Elektroniikkaa", which soon became an underground anthem. Even though their paths separated for a while in the '90s, with Atom™ moving to Santiago de Chile and Tobias relocating to Berlin, they reconnected their machines on a live stage again in 2003 at Mutek in Chile. Even though they had stopped working together for almost 10 years, the reactivation worked perfectly and they decided to share the stage more often. They have been playing many concerts worldwide since the successful re-launch in 2003, including appearances at Berghain, The Bunker, and Labyrinth. Their live sets are always completely improvised, both immersing into the unknown territory of the club, the audience and the sound. The Bunker Podcast: Föllakzoid (Sacred Bones | Chile) LIVE Föllakzoid is a chilean based cosmic music band who have put out some of our favorite albums over the past few years. Tonight they are joined on stage by Atom™, who helped produce their new album. Soundcloud: Alex from Queens (Capriccio, Fleurs Du Mal) Alex hails from Queens, NY, and is behind Capriccio and Fleurs du Mal. He extracts the eternal from the ephemeral. His record collection is nothing but cuts and he has the skills to walk the walk. He thinks 'about me's are bragging... End transmission. soundcloud: Antenes (L.I.E.S. | Brooklyn) Antenes is one of a few projects that Lori Napoleon is behind. Aside from hand building synths to perform her own music as Meridian7, she has also released a track on L.I.E.S. as Antenes, and has more material in the works. She's also working on a release for The Bunker New York, which will hopefully be out in 2015.
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  • The Bunker with Rødhåd, Atom™ & Tobias, Föllakzoid, Alex From Queens, Antenes - Flyer front
    The Bunker with Rødhåd, Atom™ & Tobias, Föllakzoid, Alex From Queens, Antenes - Flyer back