Wicked Jazz Sounds Clubnight

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    Recloose (NZ) ./ dj ./ PHIL HORNEMAN ./ dj ./ BERENICE VAN LEER ./ vocals ./ PIETER ENGELS ./ sax ./ RO*L ./ percussion ./
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  • In spring 1997, Matthew Chicoine made contact with techno pioneer Carl Craig by way of a now legendary ‘demo on rye sandwich’. Recording as Recloose, he is the Detroit producer whose notable EPs on the Planet E label explore upbeat, sample-based trip-hop instead of the synth-based techno often heard in the Motor City. He moved to New Zealand a few years ago and is now signed to Jazzanova’s label Sonar Kollektiv. His brand new album ‘Perfect Timing’ (including a beautiful collaboration with members of Fat Freddys Drop) is out in the stores right now. We feel proud to call him our guest for this night.