S.O.S. (Desyn, Demi, Omid) with Mike Swells

  • ADVANCED TICKETS - Only $15!!! PURCHASE THEM HERE: http://www.wantickets.com/EventDetail.aspx?e_id=46964 Sex On Substance (SOS) is an uber-cool DJ alliance comprised of Londoners Demi, Desyn Masiello and Omid16B. Friends drawing inspiration from their rich musical heritage, and direction from their beloved Deeper Substance and Sexonwax music labels, SOS was born of a desire to create synergy. The multifaceted ‘rule of threes’ helps give balance to scores of compositions and also appears to apply in favour of SOS. Individually, Demi, Desyn and Omid have already excelled in the realms of electronic/house music, however, sometimes three heads beat one, six hands are better then two. With a common goal to move people, the innovative triad exist in an exciting digital era when live remixing, personal edits and inimitable shows all allow for differentiation – and this is where the dazzling SOS trailblazers shine with their icy-hot approach to DJing in the 21st century! Quick to nurture this intoxicating synthesis, SOS was christened and an enthusiastic crowd who assembled at Neighbourhood nightclub in London were amongst the first to experience an SOS party during the Easter weekend of 2004. Later, in May 2005, the formidable threesome took to the river Thames in London for their first ever boat party (SOS On The Thames). Another raging success, this event was sold-out and more music lovers were instantly hooked. In terms of live performances, back-to-back or head-to-head, the expressive interplay between Demi, Desyn and Omid continues to develop. It was time to take the hypnotic SOS cocktail to the clubbing capital of the world and to the discerning 24-hour party people of Ibiza. Adored by its crowds, they played four times at parties held in conjunction with Ibiza-Voice.com at El Ayoun, and on three occasions for Dirty at Penelope. Their now legendary Ibiza events at El Ayoun have become a firm fixture in the opening and closing weekends of the season and their efforts have been rewarded with a nomination as Best Newcomer in the 2006 annual Ibiza DJ Awards. These technologically savvy DJ deviants work the mix with supernatural precision and have proven that there is no other party in the world like an SOS party. 2006 marks SOS’s third season, where they are sponsored by music industry fav’s Pioneer, and shocked the globe with their highly acclaimed 3 hour Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 that has been broadcasted to millions in March 2006. It was a magical summer with the triumphant team presenting SOS On the Thames Part 2 in August 2005 this time in association with Ministry of Sound’s portal DJDownload.com, and 2 years later SOS on the Thames Part 3 was back with a vengeance in November 2007. Further, with an SOS Balance, triple mix CD in the pipeline (release March 2008) and a world tour kicking off… the eyes of the world are now focused on SOS and their best is yet to come… Demi A contagiously exuberant character with bags of talent, Demi has made an extraordinary impression on dancefloors the world over. He set out DJing in Bali, Indonesia, but later launched his own magnetic event, Deeper Substance, during 2001 in London. His distinctive concept and its associated sounds have since attracted a strong following, with outstanding events held at the WMC in Miami for three consecutive years. During this time, the legendary Danny Tenaglia invited Demi on several occasions to DJ alongside him in New York and his most recent visit to London, which he did, as well as spinning around the globe from Ibiza to Brazil. Deeper Substance has now evolved to include a label and Demi has been releasing his own music, including Gearbox and D-Drive in 2005 as well as remixing for Sunday Best and SexonWax Recordings. Desyn Co-owner with Omid of Sexonwax, founder of Alternative Route and Symphonic labels, Desyn’s gifts for discovering and sharing quality underground music are priceless. Desyn started DJing professionally in 2000 and his abilities have since carried him around the world. Milestone mix albums have included Yoshitoshi’s In House We Trust 3, Bedrock’s Original Series OS.0_1, and Balance 008 on EQ. While his enchanting Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 during the 2005 WMC in Miami also turned countless heads. Amplifying the art of the edit, Desyn modifies much of his output and produces with Leon Roberts, Omid and Rowan Blades under the alias The Idiots. Omid16B Way ahead of his time, chief of Alola, Disclosure and Sexonwax labels, Omid Nourizadeh is a true musician. He has already released two critically acclaimed artist albums as 16B, the striking Sounds from Another Room and the enlightening How to Live 100 Years, and has plans for a third in 2007. Has remixed for the likes of The Cure, Francois Kevorkian and Danny Howells, just to name a few.. Highly respected around the world as an artist, his captivating DJ collages furthermore illustrate the great depths of his musical dexterity. With his third artist album “Like 3 Ears and 1 Eye” being given away on the cover of DJ magazine, fans all over the world are now waiting to listen to part II that will be released on SexOnWax Recordings in January – 2008. The dance scene wouldn’t be what it is today without the commitment and passion of people like Omid16B. Whether it’s creating dance floor destroyers or rocking each and every party, Omid16B is the heart and soul of the underground.
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