Ketoloco Warehouse Party, Leeds

  • _______________________________________________ KeToLoCo Warehouse Party Friday 7th November _______________________________________________ 11pm - 6am £8 Entry _______________________________________________ Kerbcrawler: Alpha UK, Aquatite House, Water Lane, Leeds, LS11 9UD _______________________________________________ WORDS: Kristan Caryl [DJ Mag] So, last month's part-ay is behind us and we look through slightly bleary corneas to the next... Strangely for a city that sits as comfortably with Manchester as your granny does with Acid House, this Leeds party is rinsed with all the best bits of Mancunia - warehouses, the Hacienda, Micron - so do read on. November 7th will see the newly brick-lined Kerbcrawler Warehouse - a la Hacienda - get knocked down then built up again with a fine selection of deep house tunes from Mood Music and Four:Twenty's fiery haired Scot, Craig Torrance; some trippy 3am wonk from the Ketoloco boys; and the usual riotous shards of all things noisy from Geordie God dodgers, Bigger Than Jesus. As if that wasn't enough to keep the, by day, fully operational car garage rocking 'til daft o' clock, more Hacienda influenced styles will be on show courtesy of an ex-resident and full time house champion, Buckley, and under pinned by the invariably on fire Micron residents. Now you’ve read all that you think the next artist will be some shithead you’ve never heard of, right? Wrong. We’re crazy like that – it’s time to reveal the headliner. Kanio of Novakane Records is charged with leading proceedings. The eagle eyed amongst you will know him as Ed Kane, but here he brings with him only his most boss minimal techno selections. Rude as. On top of the usual ringing endorsement by local hero Jimmy Savile, fellow local old timer, Michael Parkinson, has also jumped to the support of Leeds' most notorious techno guerillas saying: 'If you could bottle the Ketoloco experience and get in on a chair for an interview, I'd be on it like Winehouse on her crack pipe.' Stirring words indeed. You should just come check it out, alright?
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