Inge Beckmann & Lonesome Dave Furgeson

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    Inge Beckmann / Lonesome Dave Furgeson
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  • LONESOME DAVE FURGESON ONE MAN ONE CHORD The problem with being left to one's own devices is that we seldom know how these devices work... This solo show began I guess when I met and became good friends with Benjamin Darvil AKA "Son of Dave" whilst I was living in London (if you like what I'm doing, check him out!). He hipped me to the type of looping pedal he uses which allows you to record a short piece or phrase and then loop it and keep layering other loops on top of that until you build something that vaguely represents a song or tune. It's rough and ready and all happens live and in front of your very eyes... I started playing around with it just for fun, did a couple of shows and people seemed to really dig it. Everything you hear is created either vocally or with a harmonica even the bass-lines are the harp being played through an octave pedal and everything goes through an old beat-up amp. INGE BECKMANN My name is Inge Beckmann and I am known as a voice artist. I do commercials for radio and television to support my craft but when I am not serving Satan I do what I love. I produce and write my own music from home in my spare time. The songs on my profile are examples of my experiments. It has been really exciting to jump behind the knobs, synths, clicks and claps. It has been a liberating experience for me. I still have a lot to learn about production but I might as well make fabulously depressing music whilst trying. My main musical project however is called LARK. I am the vocalist/songwriter for this four piece band. The latter can best be described as glitch opera/Nintendo-electro/alternative electronica. Check out Lark at Lark has opened a lot of doors for me to explore all my capacities. I have stumbled into an acting career. This pleases me. I have also started creating music for films. This pleases me too. Ultimately I would like to combine all my forces. I want to sing, write, act, dance and move people and...exercise my demons so that one day I may be free. DOORS OPEN 9PM R30 Presale - R50 Door ROAR - NO U18's - I.D Required
  • Inge Beckmann & Lonesome Dave Furgeson - Flyer front