Toy Selectah at Variuos London Venues Oct-Nov 08

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    • 83 Rivington Street; Hoxton; London EC2A 3AY; United Kingdom
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    Tetine + Sonido + Callejero + Cal Jader
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  • The mighty Toy Selectah is playing around London at a few selected venues as part of his Dia de los Muertos Tour. Toy Selectah fuses traditional Mexican music with contemporary rhythms and has been courted by artists as diverse as Diplo, Manu Chao and Shakira. Expect nothing but HEAT on the dance floor as toy Selectah deploys his devastating sonic arsenal including swinging cumbias, playful reggaeton and more than a few surprises!! What's that? You think we might be exaggerating? Ok, fair enough, then judge for yourself and stick this]Toy Selectah mix on (NSFW). 31st Oct 08 – 9pm @ Market Place with lll Commotion Collective 1st Nov 08 – 5pm @ Big Chill Bar with Flevans 1st Nov 08 – 10pm @ Camino with Clem George 2nd Nov 08 – 8pm @ Cargo with Tetine + Sonido + Callejero + Cal Jader [url=]Camino Venue[/url] [url=]Cargo Venue[/url] [url=]Marketplace Venue[/url] [url=]Big Chill Venue[/url]