Heineken Monsters Ball

  • HEINEKEN, HEINEKEN PREMIUM LIGHT, ENGAGE & UNITED HORRIDLY PRESENT... THE 7TH ANNUAL HEINEKEN MONSTERS BALL SATURDAY OCTOBER 25TH, 2008 8PM-6AM| PIER 10 COMPLEX (THE ARENA, OCEAN & 2 TERRACES) FOR THE 7TH STRAIGHT YEAR, THE MOST TERRIFYING HALLOWEEN EVENT RETURNS. A FEAST OF PULSE POUNDING BEATS, POSSESSED VISUAL EFFECTS, INFERNAL DECOR, AND FEARSOME CREATURES THAT WILL POSSESS YOUR SOUL AND EXPELL YOU INTO THE DARK, TORMENTED NETHERWORLD WHERE THE SPIRITS WILL POSSESS YOU THROUGH PERDITION. TAKE A VERY DEEP BREATH, CLOSE YOUR EYES, AND ENTER THE DARKSIDE... featuring_ AFRIKA BAMBATAA (THE LIVING LEGEND, ONE OF HIP HOPS FOUNDING FATHERS) Afrika Bambaataa ascended to godfather status with Planet Rock, the 1982 hip-hop classic which blended the beats of hip-hop with techno-pop futurism inspired by German pioneers Kraftwerk. Even before he began recording in 1980, Bambaataa was hip-hops foremost DJ, and promoter of the large block parties during the 70s which presaged the rise of rap. He later recorded electro-oriented rap exemplified by singles with ex-Sex Pistol John Lydon and the godfather of soul, James Brown. Later in his career his Zulu Nation collective produced and created hip-hop giants De La Soul, Queen Latifah, A Tribe Called Quest, and the Jungle Brothers cementing his legendary status as one of raps founding fathers. RABBIT IN THE MOON ( DJ VISUAL PERFORMANCE) Rabbit in the Moon is the most original electronic group in the world. Their live experience has the power to evoke emotion at will. With a mix of performance art, live video projections, and original music, they create a powerful connection with their audience. In the Readers Poll Awards 1997 URB MAGAZINE, R.I.T.M. was voted the #1 live performance act in the country. They have been called the Grateful Dead & Pink Floyd of electronic music. Wherever they perform, new believers are born. For many, the show is a religious experience, lives are changed. They tell the story. This isn't a now thing, it's a forever thing. DJ MICRO (4 TIME DJ TIMES MAG "BEST AMERICAN DJ" AWARD) Internationally acclaimed as one of the US’s premier dance music producers and re-mixers there are a few artists who can match DJ Micro’s credentials. Described by URB Magazine as the Techno Maestro, Micro’s versatility, smooth mixes and superb sense of dance rythyms have propelled him as the top of the electronic music world. 4 Time Dj Times "Americas Best Dj" and ominated by the Club Awards for best Dj set in 2008, Micro is no stranger to the international dance music scene playing to thousand of partygoers worldwide. Get ready when you are part of the partygoers. VOLTIO (EL VOLTAGE!) When your rap moniker name means voltage in Spanish, you better be confident that your lyrical skills are powerful enough to sizzle, roast and execute the competition. The name befits 28-year-old reggaeton artist Julio Voltio, whose gritty street poetry has garnered comparisons to legendary hip-hop MC Nas. Let him take the mic and forget it its an amperage overload of reggaeton and hip hop rhymes and a never ending party! ZION & LENNOX (EXCLUSIVE PRESENTATION) Brought together for an exclusive halloween presentation, two superstar in the reggaeton genre who rose up to superstardom with the duo albums but have since then launched their own successful musical careers. They have represented Puerto Rico in some of the world's biggest stages. Get ready to dance to their classics and new hits. GROOVERIDER ( THE GODFATHER OF DRUM+BASS) Grooverider began his DJing career at illegal raves and warehouse parties in Britain in the late eighties, and rose to prominence with partner Fabio through his innovative sets at influential club nights such as Rage. At these nights, Grooverider championed the emerging UK breakbeat culture that would eventually split from house and techno to become hardcore, from which developed jungle, which would in turn become known as drum and bass. He is widely recognised as a godfather of drum and bass for his pioneering work in the development of this genre. SHIMON (UK, RAM RECORDINGS) A true drum and bass legend. Responsible for some of the most influential D&B tracks of all time, many of which are said to have shaped the sound of D&B as we know it. For over a decade SHIMON has been smashing up dance floors around the globe, week-in, week-out at the biggest parties, clubs and music festivals. As a respected and sought after producer, with numerous remixes under his belt, SHIMONs studio skills along with his performances are recognized & highly appreciated the world over. FIERCE (RAM RECORDINGS) Fierce has been at the forefront of the drum & bass scene since the mid 1990s, starting with his early excursions at the tender age of 16 to his involvement in some of the scene's seminal musical moments. Fierce has long been known as one of the most exciting and energetic DJs around,a real DJs DJ, mixing sounds from across the spectrum, uniquely fusing tracks together in the mix to create a new and fresh sound every time.With an ethos of quality over quantity, just keep listening.... YAVIAH (THE BLACKFATHER) Yaviah is Yaviah, and the rest? Well, they just imitate. Yaviah has marked and implanted his guarantee of releasing hit after hitwithout anyone being able to equal him. Each song interpreted by this artist becomes an hymn. His musical trajectory surpasses a decade, and he still sticks with it. He began with controversial songs in the productions of Playero vol. 37 and vol. 38 in 1993 around the same time when what is known as Reggaeton today was known as to be 100% explicit underground then. It is an achievement to be able to maintain effective and known without interruptions still, specially now days, where the competition in the genre is very extensive. His name still shines thanks to the acclaimed hits Wihi! Wihi!from the production La Mision 4, Contacto from Los Anormales, and the one carrying his name as its title, Y.A.V.I.A.H. from the musical production MVP. His consistency in maintaining the taste of the masses hyped up makes it obvious that Yaviah knows how to manage his lyrics at his own will.
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