Medalla Light present Yellow Halloween

  • Medalla Light Yellow Halloween Is Back. The Event That Revolutionized Halloween Weekend In Puerto Rico Is Proud To Make Supernatural History Again with............... JUNKIE XL For over ten years, Netherlands-based electronica/big beat musician/producer Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL) has been making a name for himself as a genre-crossing artist, often mixing dance music with rock elements, starting with 1997's Saturday Teenage Kick, which contained the hit electronic rocker "Billy Club." Not quite as well-known as Fatboy Slim and Chemical Brothers, or American artists like BT and Crystal Method, Junkie XL is mostly famous as the "mastermind" behind the #1 hit remix of Elvis Presley's "A Little Less Conversation" (2002). He now has five records to his name, the latest being Booming Back At You (out now on the Artwerk label). MOLOTOV Molotov is a two-time Latin Grammy Award-winning Mexican rock and hip hop band formed in Mexico City on September 23, 1995. Their lyrics feature a mixture of Spanish and English, rapped and sung by all members of the group. Musically, Molotov blends heavy basslines with heavy guitar riffs. Many songs, such as "Gimme Tha Power" and "Frijolero," are politically inspired, addressing issues such as disenfranchisement within Mexico and immigration in the United States. The band's lyrics are risqué, playful, and frequently aggressive. DISCOS DANSER VS ZBOYS LA RIOTS LA Riots are (metaphorically speaking) burning L.A. down! is a recent formation of two well striped DJ/producers. One is Daniel LeDisko, who is known for his years of residencies at Hollywood's 82, Moscow, and Le Disko. The other is Jo'B, who formerly DJ'd many-a jungle parties and raves under the name Orion and concurrently produces, the indie pop group Edison Gem.
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