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  • Proper|Modulation welcomes STEN aka Lawrence on his The Essence Album Tour. From Galaxy to Galaxy. Lawrence aka Sten is back again with a full length album to take us on a deep journey from Hamburg via Berlin and Detroit City to reach the stars. Two decades of inspiration in House Music and Techno has brought him to "The Essence". Peter M. Kersten aka Lawrence / Sten launched the dial label in 2000 together with his flat mate and dj friend Carsten Jost. After his Lawrence releases on Ghostly International, Cocoon, Mule Electronics, Kompakt and Sender it is the Sten moniker which reduces Kersten`s musicality to the magic moments on a minimal dancefloor. His deep and functional detroitish minimal techno hit the djs choice from the first 12inch to Sten's Album "Leaving the Frantic" 2004 on dial. So DJs like Sven Väth, Tobias Thomas, Andre Galluzzi, Josh Wink cut tracks for their Compilations. Due to his large output, Peter Kersten toured around the world to invite the dancing people on a deep journey into Lawrence/Sten-sound. hitting the floors in Russia, the United States, South America all over Europe and even Japan,where he released a Compilation in 2006 of his best tracks, Remixes and some exclusive new tunes. His deep love to house and techno music gave way to Peter launching a record store in Hamburg, St. Pauli called "Smallville". It is no secret how much the Dial label co-founder loves the classic emanations of the Motor City, and with ’The Essence’ he proves once again how good he is at adding his own melancholic twist to Detroit’s legacy.
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