Smartie Partie 13th Birthday

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    LEEROY THORNHILL (X PRODIGY) LISA GERMAN DJ ACIM (Serbia) Carlos Francisco Matty Wells Danny Dove Twisted Sounds Licked Peter Dee Ramone Chris Biscuit Kev Blundy Gary Stalker DJ NECO Get Twizted Jonnie Mason Kev Reason Shaun Trutwien Claus Willhelm Twisted Twins More TBC
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  • 1st Floor: funky house / club classics 2nd Floor (main room): tribal / tech / electro house 3rd Floor: all things house 4th Floor: upfront house Plus smoking terrace Saturday 8 November 2008 SMARTIE PARTIE's Massive Birthday Party @ SCALA 275 Pentonville Rd, Kings Cross, N1 9NL. Dresscode: anything funky! (jeans & trainers allowed) SP Office: 0871 230 1409 / .................................................................................... PRICES: £12 QUEUE-JUMP TICKETS ON SALE NOW from TICKETWEB: 08700600100 £10 / £12 after Concession Passes available from: £15 ON THE DOOR ..................................................................................... 10pm - 6am SPs Ibiza reunion party reassured us that London’s Clubland is as solid as ever and that the credit crunch is just in your minds! We had queues right round the block. Sorry to those that waited so long, but we will do our best to get this sorted for the next one... And you lot can help too by not rolling up at 11.45pm (peak queuing time, grrrr)!!! When we ask you to arrive early to avoid the queue, this is done for a genuine reason!! Anyway back to the party that saw 1300+ people turn Scala into what is really A GREAT CLUB... Every floor was packed, even the smelly smoking terrace! As promised we went to town with our decor, we even had 15 foot palm trees on the main stage just to confuse the Spanish! We can shout loud & proud, it was an amazing night. Nothing in London would have come close to this and it aint even our birthday yet! So God help us, Saturday 8 November we finally become teenagers! We will be 13yrs.. so this means we can be extra naughty and stay out longer!!! And we’re going to do exactly that, we’re going full out with all floors dressed to the max and with so many extra effects brought in, you will go all fuzzy!... And that’s without the amazing music and another unique line-up that’s sure to confirm SP’s main room is the best in London. You can expect non-stop musical & visual action right till the last tune. We have some spectacular special effects lined up and of course the odd cheesy balloon (it is our birthday you know!!!). The line up is our best to date with 6ft 7in LEEORY THORNHILL (X PRODIGY) making a very special debut for SP. LEEROY needs no introduction, having been a member of the biggest dance act of the 90s - he toured the world with the legendary dance band THE PRODIGY for 10 years. His musical style is a mix of tuff breaks, old skool samples and electro known as Miami Bass. This is basically a great mash up of breaks n electro style toons, using plenty of familiar hooks, with a good old skool feel. Heavy on the electro edge and full of funk that rocks the dance floor. His set will no doubt be an amazing spectacle of musical madness. Alongside LEEROY in the main room, we welcome Serbia’s biggest Dj (and promoter, famous for his 24hr warehouse parties), DJ ACIM the man who helped put Belgrade on the clubbing map. Not only the most in-demand Dj in Serbia, but he’s also a well known name on the international circuit as well. Also joining the main room line up is SP’s ever loyal residents LISA GERMAN, MATTY WELLS, TWISTED SOUNDS, TRACE on his percussion/fx and of course the super sexy dancers. The first floor will feature the funkier side of things with old skool legend HUCKLEBERRY FINN leading the way. The third floor features an array of Djs bring you all things house. And finally SP’s off spring child LICKED take full control of the Top Floor with their upfront house to celebrate Jason & Rob’s birthday’s... so its celebrations all round! Expect full birthday treatment production, visuals & spectacular effects throughout this amazing 4 room venue. We’re going to rock the very foundations of Scala for this very special night, as SMARTIE is finally a teenager! ARRIVE EARLY PEOPLE and AVOID THE QUEUE!!!
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