Brixton Zoo

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    - Room 1 - Hip Hop Bigg Steele [USA] Rugged Intellect [USA] IRS Wordsmith [USA] Reepsone [Beatboxer] Marvin Hagglar Black Knight Black Flag Cartel DJ Herse DJ Cok-E [USA] DJ Skunkboy DJ Lumo -Room 2 -[Dubstep / Breaks / Electro] Mister Sushi (Live Av Set W/ Drummer) Robert Logan Ben Invasion Fm AvantRural Soundsystem Mike Cupcake DJ Phoss DJ Physt -Live Performances- Twisted Cirque and Moirai Tribal -Live Graffiti- Supadupa Jamfree Ghost Da Vandal Candie Bandit Mr Yeti -Live B-Boy Battle- * More to be announced / line up subject to change
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  • HIP HOP / DUBSTEP / BREAKS / ELECTRO Featuring highly skilled rap stars from west coast USA Vs UK underground hip hop acts, mcs and turntablists - watch as they spit, scratch and battle it out to the death!! Joined by break dancing crews, live graffiti artists, scratch djs, beatboxers and more! Live dubstep / breaks acts & DJs join us - featuring some of the finest, grimiest & greatest underground masters of ear drum popping bass beats and breaks Plus exclusive performance art in the form of ever dangerous body angle grinding, freestyle tribal belly dancing, body painting and other little surprises ;o)
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