Mister Sunday

  • The Mister returns to London for the first of two summer parties at Oval Space. These two parties will be particularly special because they'll be happening at the same time as Mister Sunday in Brooklyn (at least for a few hours). One of the boys will hold things down at home, and the other one will hop over to this side of the pond. For this edition, Justin Carter's taking the eight-hour London set. (If you haven't figured out which of the two Justin is, he's the one going nuts in the DJ booth. Expect a lot of that.) Eamon will pop over for the August edition. For both parties, we'll have the same good stuff as usual: ping pong tables, tasty food, and of course a dancefloor with lots and lots of vibes (and without phones and cameras and standing around). Ticket info's up above! Don't sleep! _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ A COUPLE OF RULES FOR OUR DANCEFLOOR: 1. Please don't take photos. 2. Please don't text or make calls or any of that stuff. You can do all these things off of the dancefloor, but when you're inside the speakers, GET DOWN.
  • Mister Sunday - Flyer front
    Mister Sunday - Flyer back