Shades Rave + Doorly + Blah Blah Blah Djs

  • Simply put it’s a rave with shades, sampling the best electro, fidget, wonk, baltimore, house which is smashing dance floors everywhere. Residency comes in the shape of Huddersfield and Ibiza Rocks very own old school block party DJ, Doorly. Using a set that would make even Zabeila blush, Doorly is a true live DJ, creating everything live and in the mix. Armed with 3 CDjs, 2 1210’s, EFX units, DJM 800 and some of the finest re-edits, bootlegs and accapellas known to man, you should expect the un-expected as he effortlessly and energetically moves through genres without even a cautionary glance.
  • Shades Rave + Doorly + Blah Blah Blah Djs - Flyer front