Dubstep Explorations - Milanese

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    MILANESE (live)(planet mu, warp records) Ital Tek (live)(planet mu) Patch (dj set)(stasis|collective) Bonz (dj set) (reach dnb, 174)
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  • As a third installation at Andrew's Lane Theatre, Stasis|Collective is proud to present a Planet Mu soundsystem with two live sets from iTAL tEK and Milanese. "Positioned on the shiny bit of the cutting edge of dubstep electronica", Alan Myson's iTAL tEK project has won over a legion of fans in the last year or two with massive releases for SQUARE and Planet Mu providing the essential platform for his intricate programming abilities and moody attitude ridden dubstep style. While bass weight is often a defining aspect in dubstep, Myson toys with what can only be described as beautiful melodies, alongside techy beats and tricky rhythmic editing. As for Milanese – it's impossible to predict what will come from this man. Snatching elements from grime, garage and dub, his reputation is second to none for tearing venues limb from limb; What you can be certain of, is to expect the raw power lurking beneath crunchy, over-driven beats and growling subs that has been toying with minds from London to Leitrim. Disorienting and fascinating, "spitting out crackling rhythms as sheet metal arcs shimmer overhead" it was inevitable that his productions would appear in the Planet Mu armoury.
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