Walk The Plank

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    ROOM 1 (Drum n Bass and Live Bands): DJs: NOCTURNAL (renegade hardware, syndrome, Freak, ) Dj STIVS (Life4Land, Death Suckers) JNK (Acme Soundz) BLOCK DODGER (Guillotine) SHINS-K (Ouka Japan) LIVE BANDS: DOG SHITE (Chriss Liberator&Geezer punk band) LE COTEAU JEAUNE (casiocore madness art performance) SMASH T.V. (Jungle gabba grindcore) ROOM 2 Wonky, breaks, dubstep, hip hop, mash up: ROB STOW (Groove Asylum, Don't) Mr Hyde (Acme Soundz) SPANKY HAM (dirty arse) PIE FACE (Life 4 land) DIABOLIK (fuck the system)
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  • After the succes of the previous ones, yet another WALK THE PLANK a night with a good variety of live bands playin DnB, Electro-Trash, Punk, breaks and top underground Djs playin DnB, Dubstep, Breaks, Wonky, punk mash ups. In one of the most 'avin it bar-clubs in East London, THE RHYTHM FACTORY friday the 05th of December.
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