Solid Tokyo 5 Year Anniversary feat Dj Heather !

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    Special Guest DJ:DJ Heather from Chicago SOLID Residents DJs:Marshall and Kai Support DJ:MEGUMILK
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  • 2nd November 2008, SOLID TOKYO will proudly celebrate its 5th anniversary! SOLID TOKYO has held more than 70 parties for 5 years, inclusing the monthly parties of the 1st Saturday, La Fabrique’s Anniversary and its New Year’s parties. (For over 70 parties we held, SOLID TOKYO is not just a regular party of the 1st Saturday at La Fabrique, but always celebrates La Fabrique’s Anniversary and New Year’s parties almost every year. ) Last March, at Winter Music Conference in Miami, SOLID TOKYO was held for the first time in abroad, sucessfully gained massive support from the world-wide top producers, DJs and lots of House heads with one-block long queue outside of the club! SOLID TOKYO thanks to all the genuine party people and the best Deep House fans of the world who have shown up to our party for 5 years. Without your warm support, we could not have survived in Tokyo, where the world leading trends are swarming around. For its 5th anniversary, we came up to an idea of the best way to celebrate this significant milestone. To remember where we started SOLID TOKYO, we decided to ask help from a woman from the Holy City of House music. DJ Heather; one of the best DJ from Chicago, who receives strong support of fans all over the world. She emerged under the 90’s Chicago House scene with Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, DJ Sneak and Diz. Her amazing groove and technique with her irreistably cool personality put her all the way to the top, and now there is nobody who has never heard of the name of DJ Heather. Invite her to SOLID TOKYO was the goal when Marshall Boardman launched the party in 2003… It’s been 5 years since then. Through all good and hard times, SOLID TOKYO survived and will florish to the future. Big love and many thanks to our party people and great support! 5th Anniversary Party will bring you the memorable night!
  • Solid Tokyo 5 Year Anniversary feat Dj Heather ! - Flyer front