Les Electropicales

  • Venue
    Saint Denis / La Réunion / Indian Ocean
    • Champ Fleuri
  • Date
    4 May 2015
    Mon 10:00 - Sun 04:00
  • Attending
    • 1
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  • For the seventh year, Electropicales comes out on Reunion Island to play. The 2015 program will, once again, be multifaceted like the cube chosen as the emblem. With Saint-Denis as the playground, the festival of electronic music and visual arts strikes the hour of playtime from May 4 to 9 - #Playtime! After Wondercity comes Playtime It is under the playtime theme chosen for Electropicales #7 that the festival of electronic music and urban culture on Reunion Island will engage the city of Saint-Denis from May 4-9, 2015. From its seven years, the festival's Electropicales still has not reached the age of reason and offers to get to the heart of fun and discovery: Patio City Hall will be converted into a dance floor for the opening night on Wednesday, and Thursday night will have the theme of clubbing in the night bar as the Pot'irons of Cathedral Square will be turned into street parties. Friday and Saturday, the rugby field of Champ-Fleuri will be adorned with three scenes, and sound system fans will enjoy reggae on the Jamaican Block, electronic music sometimes pop sometimes groove on the Playground, and intimate sounds at the Silent Green Room. As in every year prior, special attention will be paid to the set design and visual arts of the event. Studio Corium, straight from Geneva, will provide a great dress playground scene of his VJing, while Victor Corroleur will be in control of the Jamaican Block, as a cloud of gray graffiti with 1 Chloé Robert, Mumushick & Oneshoz or Floe, will color the revisited site into a giant playroom. Open your eyes to the wonders!