Finest Friday

  • Er ist das Enigma von House Music: Maurice Fulton hat sich im Laufe seiner Karriere nicht umsonst eine Kult-Anhängerschaft erspielt. Der eigensinnige und Puplicity-scheue DJ und Produzent ist für ein paar der abenteuerlichsten, unvorhersehbarsten und verrücktesten Momente der Dancefloor-Geschichte verantwortlich, sei es unter seinem eigenen Namen oder eines seiner vielen Projekte wie Ladyvipb, MU („Paris Hilton“!) oder Syclops, mit dem er zuletzt 2013 ein Album auf Running Back veröffentlicht hat. Seinen Arbeitsprozess beschreibt er mit: „Sit down, smoke, get the keyboards, maybe hire a drummer or program it myself, smoke, mix it down, put it on CD, smoke, listen to it.” Bewusstseinserweiternd auch seine Musik: Selten hört man weniger House-Klischees und mehr Funk und energetische Rhythmusexperimente wie bei ihm. Die Welt, sie wäre eine bessere mit mehr Künstlern wie ihm. Heute Nacht wieder einmal in der Panorama Bar zu hören, fachkundig eingeladen von Tama Sumo und Lakuti. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear all, Happy to have been afforded another opportunity to programme another Finest Friday @ Panorama Bar . On The 8th of May We will be welcoming Maurice Fulton & Kai Alcé who will be Joining us behind the decks , on a journey into House , Disco , Soul , Techno , Funk and all other shades of the good , good stuff . Maurice Fulton aka Dr. Scratch aka Eddie & The Eggs and many more (Basement Boys Records, Warp, Nuphonic, Realtime Records, Puu, Tigersushi, Output, Running Back, DFA just to name a few…..) No exaggeration – he has earned his stripes as a producer as well as a DJ of note . expect the unexpected . Kai Alcé (NDATL, Track Mode, Mahogani Music, FXHE ….) Kai Alce is up there with some of the best when it comes to being the deadliest of the deadliest producers and Dj’s and someone who has championed good house music for the longest of time. respected and trusted by some of the best names out there . you only need to look at who features on his NDATL Imprint to know just how we owe a lot to him for keeping the legacy going from his early days at Detroit’s Music Institute when he was just a teenager, to the 10-year-long DEEP legacy at MJQ that he co-founded, to the production company, NDATL, that he created in 2008. Kai continues to be 1 of the most important preservers and purveyors of the sounds we love . The line up will be rounded off by the both us – Tama Sumo & Lakuti. We have the pleasure of also showcasing the wonderful artwork of 1 of the finest photographers , Activists & Social Commentators of our Times . Cover Image is by Del Grace Volcano – Here are a few words about the image from Del LaGrace Volcano London in the late 80s were an intoxicating time for a small town California girl like me. Through sheer kismet I ended up living in a flat with a group of dykes who were running Chain Reaction, a twice a month sex club for women (including transwomen) at The Market Tavern. Here the butch on the street could be a fetish femme without fear of ridicule. My first book, LOVEBITES, 1981 was populated by those who gave themselves PERMISSION TO PLAY (our club motto). We fucked and then fought the system/s that tried to deny our right to exist. We marched to Free Nelson Mandela, to Stop the Clause and for Lesbian Strength. Some of us had our heads kicked in by Women Against Violence Against Women or by the mounted police at The Poll Tax Riots. Every so often we have a reunion or celebrate the fact that most of us are still alive and kicking back!’ – Del LaGrace Volcano , April 2015 This night will celebrate diversity within our communities . Bring Love , Respect & an Open Mind & your best dance moves . Much love Lerato & Kerstin Aka Lakuti & Tama Sumo
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