Mayday Love Carnival

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    Cocotaxi (Stockholm), Maracatudo Mafua (Live), DJ Cal Jader, Selecta Madmax, Carnibal Records presents DJ Inko & Larry Skg
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  • Movimientos & Jukebox Baloo present: Mayday Love Carnival The Love Carnival crew return to after February's sell out with another tropical explosion to blow the roof off the Bussey Building - this time celebrating the theme of May Day. Keepin it strictly carnival - digi dancehall & cumbia exponents straight out of the Swedish rainforest Cocotaxi fly in to blaze their supercharged vibes whilst Maracatudo Mafua brings the drums and spirit of resistance rooted in the North East of Brazil on a live tip. Keeping it heated on the dance floor hosts Jukebox Baloo's Madmax and Movimientos' Cal Jader rip through a selection of uptempo caribbean flavours, afro-latin beats and tropical bass. Room 2 sees the inimitable Carnibal Records crew hosting with DJ Inko and Larry SKG blending tropical beats with Hip Hop, Funk and Swing, plenty of mash ups, edits and exclusives in the mix. And not forgetting the cutting edge visuals from Oddscene and tropical decor to set the vibe nicely. Room 1: Cocotaxi (Stockholm) Maracatudo Mafua (Live) DJ Cal Jader Selecta Madmax Room 2: Carnibal Records presents DJ Inko & Larry SKG
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