Noodle: Cynthia Stern / Lusinda / Lief Ryan

  • As we enter the 3rd year of maximum Noodling we welcome our first international guest. Born and raised in Iceland, currently residing in Sweden and making a rare UK appearance we have Input-Output-inc. boss Cynthia Stern. Cynthia's productions and remixes have graced such labels as Growth, Semi-Automatic, Data-Trace and Si Begg's Noodles imprint whilst Input-Output-inc. has put out music from such names as Neil Landstrumm, Tobias Von Hofsten, Bill Youngman, Debasser, Tobias Schmidt, Jason Leach, Mark Hawkins and Dave Tarrida. With a roster like this and a deep understanding of underground electro-techno we expect a big set from Cynthia. Alongside him we are very excited to welcome Victim Records founder LuSINda and head of Growth Recordings, Lief Ryan. Rounding off the line up are Data Trace record boss, Glove:r alongside the Noodle residents. Ouch!
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  • Noodle: Cynthia Stern / Lusinda / Lief Ryan - Flyer front