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    DEJAVOO(LIVE)/ Nikki Elise (Kiss FM) /Hi Freak1C / Ben Bennett / Phil Lankester AKA Libra 9 / Gordon Darley / Matt Church
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  • A wise philosopher once wrote; Naughty naught, very naughty..! We’re pretty sure he was talking about our next line-up! With the ever expanding list of sub-genres within dance music, and the ever growing taste in various styles of music, we continue to diversify our line-ups and offer our clubbers a taste of something new. Now these guys are no strangers to gigs, music, touring, entertaining, producing and generally tearing it up. Dejavoo are residents of the massive Antiworld and trot the globe performing outstanding live shows. Kristian who is originally from Gibraltar and Francesco (Plastic Vibe) who is from Italy decided to start the Dejavoo project after they remixed the classic “Time To Burn” by Storm. Since then they have not looked back, and continue to be one of the dominant live acts in PsyTrance, having remixed for Eskimo and Astrix and more recently started working with Nick Sentience on some new projects. These boys will blow your socks off! If that wasn’t enough we have brought Kiss FM’s gorgeous Nikki Elise down to London to inject a bit of East Anglia into the 414. Nikki is an expert in her field having produced and presented and Dj in clubs and on radio for over 10 years. She has more shows than any other presenter on Kiss FM with a massive 7 shows each week, including her specialist dance show House of Elise! Anything from electro to filthy hard house and everything in between. So what has she got in store for us you ask? Come and see for yourself! Our next guest is from the other side of the country in the South West and is having great success with his productions. New Label Manager HiFreak1c makes a more than welcome return to Puzzle Project to support all of the new music he is releasing on his charity label Outbreak. With his own rapidly growing success as a producer we had no choice but to get him back before he starts charging a ridiculous fee! ;0) As well as all of the above you can’t escape a night at Puzzle Project without having at least one of residents leaving their mark on your soul. Why do we have our resident every month? Because along with each and every one of you, they ARE Puzzle Project. Ben Bennett – Puzzle Project and Impact Recordings Hard Trance ambassador Phil Lankester – Psy Trance Supremo Matt Church – Future Trance icon Gordon ‘Techno Is My Blood’ Darley – It’s all in the name! MUSIC: Breaks, Trance, Psy & Hard DJ’s: DEJAVOO LIVE!!! (Kristian & Plastic Vibe) (Antiworld) Phil Lankester AKA Libra 9 Nikki Elise (Kiss 100) Ben Bennett (Impact) Hi Freak1c (Outbreak & Toolbox) Matt Church Gordon Darley COST: £10 B4 12pm, £12 after Concessions £8 B4 12pm £10 after (Names [email protected]) Members FREE B4 midnight £8 after Advanced tickets ONLY £6 on http://www.dontstayin.com/uk/london/club-414/2008/nov/14/event-193149 CONTACT: 07917 225 437 / 07835 033 007 [email protected] Flyer Links: Front http://www.puzzle-project.com/images/flyers/58_flyer_front.jpg Back http://www.puzzle-project.com/images/flyers/58_flyer_back.jpg Thumbnail flyer images: Front http://www.puzzle-project.com/images/flyers/58_flyer_thumb_front.jpg Back http://www.puzzle-project.com/images/flyers/58_flyer_thumb_back.jpg RELATED WEBSITES: www.puzzle-project.com Puzzle Home Ste www.kiss100.com Kiss 100 www.nikkielise.co.uk/ Nikki Elise www.facebook.com/pages/Puzzle-Project/23932785636 Fan Page www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2244429764 Group www.bebo.com/puzzle-project Bebo Group www.dontstayin.com/parties/puzzle-project Dont stay in www.ben-bennett.co.uk Ben Bennett www.mattchurch.co.uk Matt Church www.antiworld.com Antiworld www.myspace.com/dejavoo303 Dejavoo www.hifreak1c.com HiFreak1C www.totalkiss.com/Channels/Music/Music_DJPage.aspx?djId=43 Nikki Kiss www.myspace.com/djkristiantransientrecords Kristian http://www.transient.com/ Transient Records (Kristian) TRANSPORT: Tube = Brixton (Victoria Line) Rail = Brixton mainline station Bus - Main Daytime buses = 2,3,35,37,45,59,109,118,133,159,196,250,322,333,345,355,415,432,P4,P5 Night buses = N2,N3,N35,37,N133,N159,250,689,690 http://www.londonbusroutes.net/routes.htm
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      £10 B4 12 £12 after/ Conc £8 B4 12 310 after / Members FREE B4 12 £8 after / Advanced tickets ONLY £6
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