Tonrec Events feat Kanio

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  • After some time in the music industry under various alias’s Kanio smashed his way onto the minimal techno scene in late 2007 with a string of chart topping productions. Widely regarded as the largest download site worldwide, Kanio’s productions have regularly featured in the minimal & techno charts on Beatport. In less than a year he has achieved a massive 4 top tens and a further 6 top 20's, cementing his position on the worldwide minimal and techno scenes. Off the back of this swift rise, Septmeber 2008 has seen the launch of his Novakane Imprint, already swiftly following suit in terms of sales success. Kanio’s work has been supported by some major players and has regularly featured on BBC Radio 1’s dance shows including the sat night essential mix. Gigs have come thick and fast for Kanio; he has already secured gigs at some of London’s hottest parties including Jaded at The End, Redlight and Wet Yourself. Furthermore he is set to embark on his second tour of Brazil and has played in more different European cities than you can shake a fucking big stick at. Watch out for this talented new DJ/Producer, He is sure to rock any dancefloor with his energetic mix of rolling techno. Discography: Krankenhaus (Italo Business) ???????? 07 567 (Noir Music) ??????? 07 Spandex (Noir Music) ??????? 07 Daley Padley + Chris Special - Electro is dead (Kanio Mix) (Noir Music) ?????? 07 Stupid Techno (Autist Records) ??????? 07 Pick N Mix (Autist Records) ??????? 07 Suedmilch - Hakuna (Kanio's Bing Bong Mix) (Autist Records) ?????? 08 Bart B More – Take It Down (Kanio’s Take It Techno Mix) Noir Music ??????? 08 Levan – Fishing Girl (Kanio Mix) (Piso Records) (???? 08) Prok + Fitch - Take me with you (Kanio Mix) (Data) ???? 08 Spektre - Deal with it (Kanio Mix) (Suruba) Andrea Bertolini – Tunnel (Kanio Mix) (Stereo Seven Plus) Put that in your pipe and smoke it (Stereo Seven Plus) Kanio + Emiestillo – Happyslap (Autist) DiFi – Bleep (Kanio Mix) (UFO) Techno Tourettes (Novakane) The Hitcher (Novakane) Howd'ya like them apples?(Novakane) Nudisco - Prepare to blast (Kanio Mix) (Yellow tail) Mark Ramsey - Cooperation Pop (Kanio Mix) (Novakane) Upcoming: Kanio + John Michaels – Traffic Jam (Novakane) Kanio + John Michaels - Bitch (Novakane) ReAxis - Warm Line (Kanio Mix) Elia – Cats (Kanio Mix) (Suruba) Kanio Album – 99 Problems But A Glitch ‘Aint One.
  • Tonrec Events feat Kanio - Flyer front