My Haus with Paolo Di Nola, Mauro Feola & Julie Chance

  • "Like having friends over for drinks. Only with a smooth & dry 4000W sound system" ⌂ You probably know Paolo Di Nola from his residency at Homopatik: what you might not know is that Paolo was the founder and DJ of Italian club Devotion back in 1986, and the man responsible for importing the house sound to Rome and bringing a New York feel to Italian dance floors. Later on, he moved to New York City where he worked as a DJ and producer, experimenting with different sounds and collaborating with some of the most influential artists on the scene, as well as playing a weekly show on East Village radio. Back in Europe since 2007, Paolo runs the label Panacustica, collaborating with the likes of Larry Heard, Prins Thomas, Matthew Styles, Keiichi Sugimoto and Baby Ford. Paolo’s diverse sets take in the bare sounds of early Chicago house, Detroit techno, the psychedelia of left-field disco, Prog-Rock and the German Kosmische sound. Joining Paolo are resident Julie Chance, and everyone’s favourite Brasilian export, known acid junkie and the man behind Beitola and Boyola, Mr. Mauro Feola. As they say in Brasilia: kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  • My Haus with Paolo Di Nola, Mauro Feola & Julie Chance - Flyer front